Monday, July 16, 2012

Step One: Completed.

We drove interstate 40 (almost) all the way across the country.

44 hrs 14 mins in the car.

2729.42 miles of roadway (give or take).

The Grand Canyon. Cadillac Ranch. State Lines. Memphis BBQ. The Lorraine Hotel. Bellevue. Goat cheese grits. Family Friends. Deer and bears. Great food. Singing songs from musicals at the top of our lungs. Hours of worship music. Reading his word. Rain, rain, and more rain. Beautiful Creation.

While we technically have taken many steps already in this journey, it seems this was the “first.”

Maybe because we said good-bye to family, friends, apartments, cars, jobs, Tapatio, students, walk-and-talks, Life Groups, and the state we have resided in for 24 and 14 years respectively - almost certainly step one because of these things. 

The reality of the journey is more real now than it has ever been. It is soon to become more real as we say good-bye to more family, move to yet another state, begin learning new things, meeting new people, and preparing for what He has in store for us.

He is continually reminding us of why we are doing this. He has given us moments of clarity, feelings of ease and peace, purpose, passion, excitement, and breaking every ounce of self-reliance as we are anxious, yet realize there is One who has all things in control.

We made it to see mom and pop and North Carolina.

Next up: Step Two.

All by His grace.