Saturday, June 7, 2014

Mall adventure and water stains

The other day we went on a trip to a really nice mall in our city. A new apple store just opened there - it's 2 stories! There was also a Crate and Barrel which we found out had only opened the previous weekend! After we ate lunch at Carl's Jr. (a rarity here, but they have free refills so we take the chance when we have it!)

I have been seeing this all over the place recently. People are beating and drying wool to take to their summer homes. It looks so funny from far away.

We had a couple of tea tables with water stains, but I had seen a pin on pinterest about how to get out water stains. I decided to give it a try and it worked pretty good! Before and after...

Weekend Getaway

In May we were able to get away for a weekend to visit some good friends and love on their baby! It was a great time and we gorged ourselves in delicious food like homemade fajitas, hamburgers, homemade lattes, etc. Let's go back.... 

This city is famous for a spicy kabab, so obviously we had to try that while there. 

 Some people making turkish delight!

Banana milk (like a smoothie). SO good!

Selfie! #özçekim

Picnic and Petting Zoo

We were invited by some local friends to go to a picnic/petting zoo place. This is our second time to go to this place and it is so neat. I like how most of the animals are just out and roaming around.


Family and Friends Visiting!!!

Back in April, some family and friends were able to visit us, meet our local friends, see the community center, tour, etc. It was GREAT to have them in town for a little bit. I wish I could see them more often =). 

We went to dinner at a local friend's house...

We joined some of the local churches for an outreach project on a nearby island. It was so crowded! It was a long day and we were all tuckered out but definitely worth it.

Emily, that SAME cat from last year was still there in the exact same spot! I really hope it had moved since then...

I saw this graffiti/wall art and loved it!

Also, shortly after they returned home, they had to put my sweet dog Lady Bear down. She lived a good long life but was suffering from a chronic cough. They sent me a good-bye picture. I will miss her!