Monday, May 20, 2013

Introducing: Our Community Center!

I don't think we have yet shown pictures of our community center on our blog - primarily because we hadn't taken any. However, Emily was able to capture the essence of the center (both empty and full) and what English practice looks like there. Enjoy!

Welcome to Umut Agaci Dernek! As you walk in the front door, when you turn right you see the men's seating area...

And another view of the men's couch area next to the office. 

From the front door, if you walk straight ahead and up the stairs, you will be heading toward the women and children's area. The room on the right is the women's office / children's class for English practice. 

The room on straight ahead is the women's English practice room / kitchen for cooking class. 

The following are pictures taken from Tuesday night English practice. 

A Little Trip to Ephesus

We were blessed to be able to take a day-trip to the ancient city of Ephesus. It is one of the most excavated Biblical cities, and the amazing part is that only an estimated 10% is uncovered! It was so neat to imagine the lives that people lived there, the people that came through, and the riots that happened.

Another baptistry...

Family picture! We told the cat he could join if he wanted.

A symbol carved in marble on which you can write IXOYE.

It was pretty crowded there...

Ancient public toilets:

The gladiator walk behind the big theater

Afterward we visited a pottery shop and this guy helped Emily make a cool bowl!

Running around town with FAMILY!

We were so lucky to have family in town to visit the last couple weeks! We spent a lot of time touring, sleeping, and visiting the community center! Oh yeah and taking pictures...

This first set I think is one of the funniest things ever. I laugh so hard every time I look at them. It is like in the first one Ronnie and my dad were like "Emily look out", and then reached their hands back for the picture. Also, nevermind the matchy matchy. 

This was such a fluke, but Emily looked at this picture and squealed, saying, "Ooh it looks like I have the fancy expensive lens!" because at the split second that Ronnie took this picture, someone was walking by holding their camera just so.

My dad was excited to find (in two different places) ancient evidence of baptism by immersion. Ah the things that excite some people...

 Love this!

Unfortunately with 5 people, someone was always stuck sitting alone, if they were so fortunate as to not have a stranger sitting next to them...

We were able to hike around some old ruins. Some people were really scared of the edges but I won't name names =)

It was an awesome time filled with adventure, rest, exhaustion, etc. followed by only 2 days in bed with a fever trying to recover. But it was worth every minute!