Saturday, May 4, 2013

Tulips and Biking Adventures

Last weekend we had a little fun and played "tourists" for a little while. We went to a cute little cafe for lunch, and then went to the tulip festival! Our city is very famous for tulips in April (they claim that the Netherlands stole tulips from them), and we visited them just in the nick of time as most of them were starting to die. Along with the warmer weather, flowers have been one reason why our spirits have been lifted as Spring begins. 

Also, next to this waterfall, there was a black swan!!

The next day, we went with some friends to an island to bike around, rest in the park/forest, and eat the best ice cream that I have had since I have been here! I told Ronnie when we got there that my goal of the day was to eat an epic ice cream cone and I sure succeeded with that one!