Monday, May 20, 2013

Introducing: Our Community Center!

I don't think we have yet shown pictures of our community center on our blog - primarily because we hadn't taken any. However, Emily was able to capture the essence of the center (both empty and full) and what English practice looks like there. Enjoy!

Welcome to Umut Agaci Dernek! As you walk in the front door, when you turn right you see the men's seating area...

And another view of the men's couch area next to the office. 

From the front door, if you walk straight ahead and up the stairs, you will be heading toward the women and children's area. The room on the right is the women's office / children's class for English practice. 

The room on straight ahead is the women's English practice room / kitchen for cooking class. 

The following are pictures taken from Tuesday night English practice.