Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Our Fall Room

I love the holiday season and I love decorating for fall and Christmas. Currently the only room decked out is the living room, so I thought I might show some recent pics of it. Please forgive the poor quality of the pictures, I'm still trying to figure out how a camera works haha.

Here are a couple "big picture" photos.

And a few of my favorite detail shots. 
[from now on, descriptive phrases are beneath photos instead of above them... I can't decide which I like better, but most people seem to do them beneath]

In the two pictures above, the quilt in the middle is my FAVORITE quilt made by my lovely and talented Aunt Debbie. The Rose serving bowls on the shelf were handmade by my sister Ashley. I will try to take better pictures of them someday because they are just that beautiful. I LOVE them.

Jones soda of course...

I found this chair sitting in front of a neighbor's trash with a sign that said "Free". That is one of my favorite words...

a bit of the fall decor...

Well, that's about it. I personally like how it looks and feels in person much more than in photographs. I also struggle with sometimes thinking there is too much going on, while other times wanting more. However, I am satisfied with the fact that it was my first living room ever to decorate, and I look forward to many years ahead to change it all I want!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Joyful Robyn

Today my post features my dear sister and friend Robyn. Please take a look at her blog if you get a chance.

Besides being a great family member and close friend, she is an amazing woman of God - being an active leader in our church youth group, missions and outreach team, greeting team, and probably more I can't even remember right now. Not only does she fulfill her commitments whole-heartedly, but somehow she also finds time to remember and celebrate the birthdays and other special events of her very many friends and family members (and, trust me, that's saying alot). She is probably the sweetest and most encouraging person you will meet, but is also not afraid to tell you when you're being a bit stupid, and is happy to steer you back on the right track. She has been so obedient to the Lord's direction for her life, and I can't wait to see what He has in store for her next!

The primary reason I wanted to share about Robyn, is because she has a really cool blog that I try to look at every day. It is called "Robyn's Rejoicing". Every day she writes about something she can rejoice in from that day's events. Now I don't know about you, but this is a feat that I would probably find nearly impossible. However, she is faithful - even on the most dull or discouraging days.

Thank you Robyn for being such an inspiration. Because of you, I rejoice more and more every day.


P.S. Ironically, I made up my mind to write this post about Robyn and her blog totally forgetting / neglecting the fact that TODAY is her birthday (even though I already wished her a happy one on FB). So not only did I just write about someone who is such a good friend and remembers people's birthdays, but I wrote it while forgetting that today is that someone's birthday, and thus should probably have posts written about her anyways. *sigh* Minus 5 points for Jonesy... and Happy Birthday again Robyn.

Monday, September 27, 2010


For those of you who like to keep up on the fads, I'll clue you in on a big one coming this holiday season (if you haven't already heard).

Chalkboard message photography.

:::So fun:::

Here are a couple engagement photos of my dear friend Jenna and her fiance Matthew. The pictures were taken by Lori Anderson Photographers.

How cute are those? Pictures, people, signs, you name it!

I must give huge credit to Jenna for having the idea to use these chalkboards. She also is a photographer, and you can view her stuff here. It is an awesome idea, not only for engagement pictures, but also for family pictures, thank you notes, and Christmas cards! I must say I myself am planning on using one this year in my first Christmas card as a married woman.

Here are a couple more picture ideas taken from Rachel Denbow's blog.

Her chalkboard thought bubbles can be bought online here.

Ashley Ann also made a hilarious post using them today. Look at it!

:::Loving it:::

I like to think I was taking advantage of this trend in my wedding photos earlier this year. (Photos taken by Shannon Leith)

I almost forgot to add that these signs make the CUTEST home decorations. I have these two in my apartment right now and absolutely love what they add. I really hope to take pictures of it soon to share here.


Birthday Trip to the Getty Villa

A couple weeks ago, my family took a trip to the Getty Villa for my birthday. It was the funnest!

Me and my mommy! 

Picture time!



The Fam

My brownie, chocolate cake, and mint chocolate chip ice cream layered birthday cake designed by Emily!

Such a fun day with some of my favorite people! God has definitely blessed me in every way.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Booties!

In an attempt to explain my multiple posts on baby-related things, I would like to say two things: No, I don't have any kids yet, and also no I am not planning on having one in the near future. However, we all know that everything is so much cuter when it is baby-sized. Therefore, I continue.

Today, Bleubird shared some of the cutest baby boots (and other shoes) I have ever seen! They are by ZUZII. Here is a glimpse:

Oh my gosh I was - am - smitten. How adorable. If you are like me and can hardly stand the sight without being a little obsessed, check out ZUZII's etsy shop here. I am now hoping more than ever that my future babies will be compliant with wearing ridiculously adorable things like this.


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy first day of Fall!

Today is the first day of fall. I love this season - probably mostly because it gets us all in the mood for proper Christmas celebration. Here are 5 things I am most excited about for the next couple months:

1. Leaves and fall colors. Now, I live in Southern California, so there are no "real" autum leaves falling anywhere around here, but - as a result - there are plenty of overdramatized decorations, which I believe is just as important if substitutions must be made.

2. Pumpkins and spice-flavored things abounding! Can't get enough.

 (source)                                                       (source)

3. This nail polish I just bought. Loving it right now!

4. Fall-inspired fashion. This is from Milk from a Thistle Spring/Summer 2010. I found it on Eat Drink Chic.

5. The inspiration to crochet everything I see. (Pictures from Miss Indie)

I love fall! Hopefully more personal stories and photos to come!

Birthday Fun

I love birthdays! Especially when they are mine. =)

This year, my husband surprised me with a very eventful day beginning with breakfast at Disneyland.

::: my favorite :::

:::croissant benedict at the carnation cafe:::

(probably the most delicious breakfast I have EVER eaten. so satisfying...)

BEFORE                                        AFTER

We then took the train to San Juan Capistrano!

We went to the mission of course.

We explored Los Rios street... good and interesting times.

Then, while we rode the train back, Ronnie slept and I got a little crazy with the camera.

Finally, we rounded the evening off continuing our neverending "Friends" marathon and eating Panda Express.

What a wonderful day.

Upon deeper reflection and after looking back on these pictures, I am now realizing that I probably ate my next year's worth of calories in this one day (did I mention we ate Chick fil a for lunch?).
This makes me a little uncomfortable.