Thursday, September 23, 2010

Baby Booties!

In an attempt to explain my multiple posts on baby-related things, I would like to say two things: No, I don't have any kids yet, and also no I am not planning on having one in the near future. However, we all know that everything is so much cuter when it is baby-sized. Therefore, I continue.

Today, Bleubird shared some of the cutest baby boots (and other shoes) I have ever seen! They are by ZUZII. Here is a glimpse:

Oh my gosh I was - am - smitten. How adorable. If you are like me and can hardly stand the sight without being a little obsessed, check out ZUZII's etsy shop here. I am now hoping more than ever that my future babies will be compliant with wearing ridiculously adorable things like this.