Friday, August 9, 2013

Visiting a summer house

We had the opportunity to visit our language teacher's summer home one weekend. It was beautiful, relaxing, and we wish we could have stayed longer. We got to spend some quality time with her family and summer home neighbors, and it was definitely a language immersion experience! Here are some pictures from our weekend. 

I went with her to get some milk straight from these cows! We didn't milk the cows, but it was that fresh. Unfortunately, I didn't taste the milk, but I am sure it was an experience.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Well this happened...

Ronnie was playing basketball and rolled his ankle. The following ensued...

Phase 1:

Phase 2:


Phase 3:

I am happy to say that nothing was broken or torn, everything is off, and he is walking normally. 
What an adventure...

Ramadan Festival

Right now, we are ending the month of Ramadan, which for people here signifies the end of a month of fasting all day (eating only at night) and praying. We went to one of the more popular areas of town because we heard it is a spectacle to see the crowd of people all breaking fast together at sunset. Due to the crowds at this particular place, there were so many street vendors, some sort of ceremony/concert, and even fair-like booths set up. It was amazing to me how many locals (not just tourists) were out to join the fun! UPDATE: Scroll down to the bottom to see a short video clip.