Thursday, February 10, 2011


OK so I decided that we really need a Christmas for the summer. Because over the past few Christmases I have bought and received a ton of cute sweaters (which I love), but I have realized that I somewhat lack in the summer clothes department - not ideal for the SoCal resident. I mean, you have to buy all of those for yourself, which just isn't quite as fun sometimes. So, in honor of the warm weather that is so quickly approaching, here are some things from my summer wishlist which has already begun to accumulate:

This dress and this top from Old Navy. Please go on sale soon!


This top that I actually just bought at Target on clearance (I guess I'm into the ruffly thing)! I got it in black and a purple-ish color along with this cardigan which was $5! Love it!

I also love these sandals Target just brought in. So cute!

On my summer wishlist is also: more jewelry (rings and necklaces), a new pair of rite-aid shoes, more colorful tank tops and short-sleeves, more skinny jeans, and a good pair of sunglasses. Ah summer, please come fast!