Thursday, November 3, 2011

One Man's Trash...

It totally my treasure! =)

I love garage sale-ing - especially when people are actually having garage sales when I go out looking. This was hardly the case for me on Saturday, but I was able to find about two neighborhoods with a couple of sales, and in my opinion I made out well. Spent a total of $10 for the following:

I got a set of 8 place mats (they looked unused), a large roll of cork, a retro radio (which they informed me worked well - I didn't really care, but it turns out they were right!), 3 books that interested me, and a vintage-looking Hungry Jack tin can. It was $5 for the place mats and $5 for everything else. I took some close-ups of the stuff, but for some reason my vertical pics are loading horizontally, so I will leave you will the ones that already were horizontal. Anyways, I wanted you all to be able to share in my joy - Happy Thursday!