Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Life Changes

Well, a lot has changed since I last updated the ol' bloggo. Where to begin?

We're moving! In about 3 months we will be on the east coast preparing to spend 2 months in Richmond for intensive training, and - in the beginning of October - we'll jump on a plane for Central Asia! The program is a 2-year program that begins with the training, so our assignment will be completed somewhere around July 2014. We are still trying to figure out what all we can say regarding details, but for now I will try to give you the basic rundown. Also, I may start trying to be a bit more spiritually vague for security reasons, but know that that stuff is all there in between the lines =).

It all started when Ronnie was born... haha kidding, but seriously Ronnie has always had a passion for traveling, the world, people, etc. and I knew going into our relationship that it was nothing less than a probability that we would spend some significant portion of our lives overseas. Thus, we have been working hard to grow the love and passion for the lost in the world in both of our hearts for quite some time. Plus we have pretty awesome information that they might not have had the chance to hear yet. We began applying for a program November 2011, were assigned to a job in March 2012, and will be in our new context by October 2012! A super quick process, but I am thankful that we don't have to sit around waiting, or even raise support! Here is a glimpse of where we will be going...

Yep, that is as close as you can see for now, but like I said, we might be able to specify down the road (because I will want to share pictures of course)! While there, we will spend the first four months studying the native language full time. Our job will be to work at a local community center running various programs. The center only opened 2 weeks ago, and has only begun classes for teaching English and cooking, but I am sure that by the time we get there it will be full-fledged! We will probably be involved at the community center on a  part-time basis for the first 4 months, and then full-time for the remaining 1.5 years. I am so excited about the possibilities and the varieties of programs we could be involved with!

As we are preparing for this next phase of life, the people of Central Asia are heavy on our thoughts and hearts. Any of you who desire to support us in this step can first and foremost be lifting up the people of Central Asia, the team that is already there working as well as the community center and the work being done there, and finally Ronnie and I as we prepare spiritually, emotionally, physically for this change of pace. We understand that this move is going to require much more than is in our own power and control, but we also know how to refuel when we get empty =). We are very excited and there is much more to be said that I haven't yet shared, but I hope to get back into blogging more regularly (I know I know I always say that), because it will soon be one of our primary means of sharing. You might also start to see a little from Ronnie on here, as this will probably morph into more of a joint blog. Until later...