Saturday, August 15, 2015

Apartment Hunting...

I can't claim to have done much - or any - of the work, but let's just say that apartment hunting, especially in a foreign country, is hard work! While J and I stayed home, Ronnie was out and about for about a week walking from realtor to realtor and scouring the available homes. One day, J and I joined him and that was the day we settled on a new place. It has been exciting, and exhausting, setting up our home the last week or two but we are finally starting to feel settled. Hopefully we can share a quick tour of our place soon!

This is a special treat for the rough mornings - iced coffee and something akin to a chocolate croissant! Lord, give me self control...

We have many options for transportation, including bus, taxi, metro, walking, and sometimes access to a car. 

 We have a love/hate relationship with Ikea. Let's just say that pushing three of those giant carts and a stroller was an interesting challenge, and our hands are kind of raw from screwing stuff together, but we are happy with how everything turned out and after 4 trips hope we don't have to go back for a long while!

 After spending 5 hours in the store the first time we went, even this pink "hot dog" looked somewhat appetizing. =/