Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tomato dress anyone?

I found this article by Joanna Douglas on Yahoo news today so captivating and intriguing I felt I just had to share...

It is called "Edible Dresses" and showcases South Korean artist Sung Yeonju's wearable foods series. The following pictures were retrieved from the Yahoo news article.

This eggplant dress is probably my favorite.

Winner for most fairytale-esque is the bubblegum dress.

Most impractical goes to this dress made from lotus root.

I found this shrimp corset by far the most disgusting piece in the collection. 

I love the style of this banana dress/shirt.

I adore this white radish dress and spring onion puff sleeve dress

Other interesting creations include a bread dress, chive dress, red cabbage corset,
winter mushroom fringe top, and tomato dress.

Can you imagine how much work went into each piece? I am pretty impressed right now.