Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November Goals Recap

Hey friends,

SORRY for totally neglecting you all recently. I am daring to venture that this month is going to be rather busy and I may not make it here to update the blog much, but I promise I will try to as much as possible. However, I hope to take many pictures of all of the business to share in January.

I realized that not only did I forget to post a recap about my November goals, but honestly I totally forgot about them completely until after the end of the month. Fortunately I was smart and chose goals I was pretty much going to accomplish anyways, so I think I actually did all of them. Let's see...

1. Make at least one home-cooked meal from a cookbook. I must say, I totally owned this one! I made fish tacos (recipe) along with mango salsa (that I accidentally messed up) for my husband's birthday. Note: read the directions carefully - if it asks for 1/4 tsp of salt, don't accidentally put 1 tsp of salt. Other than that, they were delicious! I also made cooked carrots (totally yum!) from a recipe for Thanksgiving along with a salad and rolls but no recipe for those.

2. Have a great thanksgiving with my husband and families. Check. I think I already posted pics about this.

3. Make enough money at the boutique to present a sizeable donation to the Cliftons. Much to my surprise and joy, we actually did make more money than we expensed with the boutique, and - with the help of some direct donations - were able to make a contribution. I hope it provided some amount of significant help for you guys, Shannon!

4. Do something special for my husband's birthday. Well, in addition to buying the sweet TOMS for Ronnie, I did make those delicious fish tacos that we were both able to enjoy. It probably wasn't his best birthday ever, but at least now there is room for improvement in the future. =)

5. Memorize Psalm 70:4. I confess, I did this on December 1 when I remembered that I forgot about the goals, but nevertheless it is in my mind.

Our middle school christmas party is tomorrow night, so I plan to have some fun pictures from that to share!

Stay classy