Thursday, September 8, 2011


In an effort to create momentum to update my blog more consistently, I will begin by sharing a conversation that happened yesterday evening.

Context: I was sitting at my husband’s desk at work, and saw a list of his 5 top strengths according to StrengthsFinder or something like that. They read:

1. Woo
2. Includer
3. Positivity
4. Communication
5. Arranger

When he came back into the office from wherever he was, I said, “I think Arranger is one of my strengths too.”

Ronnie: “Yeah I think it definitely is.”

Me: “And positivity too probably.”

Ronnie: “HAH! Psh…”

Let’s just say his woo wasn’t working too well for him in that moment…

Unfortunately, he’s probably right. But at least between the two of us we will have a well-balance spectrum of organized thoughts and opinions.