Friday, October 28, 2011

A "Pho"n Date =)

In order to capitalize on productivity during my work "breaks" I am going to try to do a bit of blogging (instead of trying to maintain my master's degree in Freecell). Because it has been so long since I regularly blogged, I am going to start by hitting some of the highlights from this summer - starting with one of our date nights! Ronnie had really been wanting to take me out to eat Pho, so we decided to make a cultural experience of it and go to Little Saigon!

After a couple Google searches in addition to using our personal judgment as to which places looked the most authentic and worthwhile, we decided on this lovely destination. The Pho Ga was 1/2 off so that is what I ended up getting!

I asked for a Diet Coke and the guy looked confused... He left and came back a couple minutes later trying to explain that they didn't have Diet Coke. {Seriously? And you are still in business?] Weird. Not feeling up to Sprite or Coke, I ordered a Thai Tea which didn't disappoint!

And here is a snapshot of the cuisine. It was pretty darn good and I think we both left satisfied.

Of course the place was cash-only *sigh*, so we spend about $5 more than we were hoping to in ATM fees, and tried to move on without dwelling on the fact too much. We walked around a plaza for a few minutes, and headed to a Buddhist temple that Ronnie thought would be good to experience. They were in the middle of a ceremony or something, so we didn't go inside. We parked for a few minutes and tried to soak in all that was happening inside, what it must be like to be so faithfully devoted to a god that doesn't exist, and prayed that the people might learn the truth of God's Word before it is too late.

What have to done recently outside of your normal routine to experience other cultures?