Wednesday, April 24, 2013


This past weekend, we took our first vacation! It was a great time with friends in a beautiful place full of natural and historical beauty - Cappadocia!

Waiting for the bus...

The busride there wasn't half bad! I watched part of "The Incredibles", "Ice Age", and "Madagascar" and was able to sleep most of the overnight trip.

We finally arrived at our hotel - a cave hotel! It was a cozy little place with a delicious breakfast!

We hard-core toured for two full days! Ronnie's favorite thing was the underground city, where we crawled through caves 4 stories deep. My favorite thing was the beautiful views, and the pottery museum where we watched a guy create a sugar bowl!


We were told that this hand-painted pottery plate costs like $5,000!

Can you see the camel?

Toward the end of the first day it started pouring, and then hailing! God is good because it stopped right before we needed to head out to dinner. Also, it made for a beautiful next morning.

It was really hard for me to choose which pictures to post. Especially of the hot air balloons that flew on the second morning!

We saw the cutest little scared puppy. I wish I could have taken it home...