Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Final Outings with E

Our last language helper, "E" had to stop being our teacher because he is leaving to do his army service. We decided to make the most of our last days with him and do some fun outings. These outings include going to a museum with miniature models of famous places in our country, Ronnie's first trip to the barber, and bowling!

Here are some pics from the museum...

We were excited about this one since we just planned our first vacation to go here a couple of weeks later!

Trip to the barber: before and after

For about $6, he got a haircut, straight shave, mask, and other misc. products put in his hair!

We also went bowling. It was our first time doing this here, but it felt about the exact same as in the states.

Normally I try to steer clear of things that I know I will lose at, but I was a good sport and we had fun regardless. Ronnie won as expected, and I got more than 70!

And now it's time to say goodbye... It was a hard moment, but at least he will be back in 5 months!