Monday, September 9, 2013

Catching Up

Every week, I get to shop at the farmer's market (pazar) on our street. A few weeks ago, I was especially inspired by my weekly haul, the colors, variety, quantity, etc. so I laid it all out for a little photoshoot. It still makes me drool thinking about all of the flavors and freshness!

Ronnie went on a week-long trip last week, so I got all emotional and made him let me take some pictures of him. I love that guy, and am glad he is back home safely!

My mom was able to send me a little care package, among the contents were our House M.D. seasons, Adobe Lightroom (my birthday present), and some shirts I had her dig through our storage bins for. We set up a skype date to dig through my clothes bins for shirts I wanted, and these are the ones I picked out. I must have been in a striped mood or something!

The other day, I followed some "pintsperation" (that can be a word right?) to make some squash/eggplant chips that turned out to be fairly decent. The squash ones were better than the eggplant ones. The first time I cut them too thin, so the second time was more successful. While I was on the kick, I also tried to make some apple chips, which really turned out well! The only thing is that I don't think it was the best type/most delicious apple to begin with, so once the apples start to get better this fall I can't wait to try this a little more.

I had the opportunity to attend a local bachelorette party (henna night), and these were our party favors! We had fun taking pictures with them at the party - I will try to do a post on that soon!