Thursday, November 7, 2013

Verona (and Marostica), Italy

Next stop, Verona! I loved Verona. It was exactly what I pictured Italy being like, and it was nice because it wasn't as touristy and crowded. They have a mini Colosseum, street performers, shopping, a farmer's market, and of course gelato! We had at least one gelato and cappuccino every day. SO good. 

In Verona you can see the house that Shakespeare supposedly based Juliett's (from Romeo and Juliet) balcony off of. People hang locks, tack gum, and write on the walls - I guess for luck or love or something!

After Verona, we headed to Marostica to visit a castle. They have a giant chessboard, and every two years they do a reenactment of a historical event where two suitors played a game to win the princess (they use real horses and everything!). It was really neat to see.