Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Happenings Around These Parts...

We have had so many opportunities to celebrate and share our Savior's birth this year! First we had a party at our community center. I made little ornament crafts with the little girls, we sang carols, and read the Christmas story.


We also got our first package! Well, it wasn't the first one sent to us, but the first one that we successfully received. It was full of wonderful Christmas goodies like red oreos, baking mixes, puppy chow, cookie cutters, apple cider drink mix, salsa for Ronnie, Christmas cards, and even the cute nativity pictured below!

I didn't take many pictures of our decorations this year, because they were almost identical to last year, but here are a few new additions: a Murano glass ornament from Venice, and a little Hungarian ornament from a friend.

On another random note of December happenings, we hung out at the mall, had dinner in the food court, Ronnie had a festive donut, and we said goodbye to some dear friends.

I also held a Christmas tea at my home! I invited some neighbors and my language teacher, who brought a few of her friends. We drank coffee and tea, ate little cookies and pastries, listened to Christmas music, read the Christmas story, and just hung out and chatted.

ANOTHER event that we were able to attend was joining the local church to gather in a public area, sing Christmas carols, and hold banners that say things like "Celebrate Jesus' Birth"! I love these chances to meet other believers and publicly praise our Savior. There was also a little bell choir that played, and as I listened I thought to myself, "I know if Sarah were here I would have somehow gotten roped into doing this" ;).