Saturday, March 15, 2014


Here's another random post to catch up through February!

Dinner and a movie with the girls! I think this night we watched "The Proposal".

Thanks Robyn for my new sweater! LOVE it!

English and crocheting at the community center (by the way that isn't me...)

Watching the opening ceremonies with hot wings!

A beautiful sunrise. One of my favorite parts of the day.

One day my teacher showed up to teach us and we were wearing the same thing! Obvi we had to insta-it-up!

Valentine's day dinner at Big Chef's.

Me and some friends went to a local friend's house for breakfast and chatting.

Then we had a party to watch the hockey semi-finals and eat Papa John's pizza!

One day we went out for Chinese food. Those are always special and picture-worthy moments!

Then on the way back, we were walking on the sidewalk and wondering what the elephant with the brush tail figure in this bike lane meant...

Spring is coming! Tulips are beginning to bloom and trees beginning to blossom. So beautiful.


A traditional local breakfast. We went all out and made it for class one day...

Teen-sitting and playing wii bowling. I tried out a frozen s'more recipe and it wasn't bad!

Visiting a local church. Always a huge treat!

Riding the new metro across the water to one of our favorite parts of town where there happens to be a Fatburger!

Three pregnant friends at the community center!

One day Ronnie planned a basketball day with the guys. They hauled their net to a court and played around for a while. Praise the Lord his ankle is feeling well enough to play now!

Walking around our neighborhood...

One day I had a friend over for coffee. We set up the camera and took a couple pics! I thought the first one was funnily awkward so I wanted to include it =)

Happy February!