Friday, March 14, 2014


Yikes! Sorry folks... It's been tooo long. Due to the fact that I haven't blogged yet this year and I have pictures piling up, the next few posts might look more like "all of my random pictures from that month" posts. Here we go:

New Year's Eve asian-food outing! (I think I can politically correctly say "asian food" because it is a chinese/japanese/thai restaurant).

Finished my "best of my days" list for 2013! Also got an amazing surprise Christmas package!

Then, we took a short vacation to a resort-town in our country. Because of it being off-season, we got a really good rate, and really spoiled ourselves for a few days! It was amazing and I want to do it all over again... It was complete with free food, fluffy juice drinks, a spa experience (my Christmas present from my honey!), free afternoon desserts and coffee, and the sea!

Later that month, I went to my friend's birthday party, and they really went all out with the food!

There were a couple weeks when I faithfully used my new juicer to make fresh orange juice. It is great with the cheap seasonal fruits from the pazar.

My friend and I had the urge to make fish tacos, so we held a party, battered and fried fish, soaked and baked black beans, and even had fresh guac and salsa! It was a huge success and I wish we could have them every day! We even learned a new game called Snorta! good times...

During this month at one point, we went with one of our dearest friends to her daughter-in-law's house for coffee. The lady on the left is our friend, and the boy in the second picture is her grandson.

Also, I got into a little bit of a phasey crochet rut this winter. Now I have a lot of gifts to give away when we leave =).