Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A few random things...

Since I hardly have time to post on here anymore being so busy with work, I will share a few recent posts from my favorite blogger - Ashley Ann.

Today her post was on Valentines Day craft ideas, as well as links to other sources.  I loved her idea about the crush sodas.

Yesterday she posted about a recent remodel she has done to her house. I love seeing what she does with old stuff, new stuff, and the ideas she comes up with. I have recently been at a standstill with any projects or crafts, but she always inspires me to use the little time I can find to work on improvements.

I love how I think I'm too busy to update this blog and do crafts when I am "too busy with work", but somehow have the impression that when I have four small children I will make time to take amazing pictures, and be continually crafting, redecorating, and being a good mom with time to spare! Hey a girl can dream right? I suppose I can work on doing a little more each day and hope that, when that time comes, I am finally at that point. Now, I have work to do.