Thursday, January 6, 2011


I haven't had a chance to post pics from the holidays because I already uploaded them to my computer that I don't normally post my blog from. I will try to get to that asap. Until then, I have a funny story.

My family has 2 dogs - Lady Bear and Maggie. Lady Bear is Maggie's aunt. She is older, but much more active and "fit". Maggie on the other hand, has always been a pretty laid-back and very lazy dog. She is clinically obese, for which I blame her personality about 20% and my dear sister for about 80%. You see, like the Twilight werewolves, sometime early in her life, Maggie imprinted on Emily and decided she would follow her always and love nobody else. This is why, if you come to our house, Maggie will either be in Emily's arms, walking closely behind her, or - if Emily isn't home - she will be hiding under her bed until she comes back. What is funnier, is if you try to approach either of them while Emily is holding her, Maggie will growl viciously as if saying, "You better not disrupt our bonding time or I will get you!" Anyways, it probably isn't that bad, but I did come across this interesting circumstance the other morning that made me wonder a bit...

Yes, that is the shower, and yes, Emily is in it...

Here are a few more pictures of our babies... Ash and I love our Lady Bear!