Saturday, January 7, 2012

Our Favorite

Yesterday I found out I got a new job. It is a weird thing starting out the week (and new year) just thinking you are going back to work and getting an email to the effect of, "**** has just informed us that she is leaving in a week. Would you be interested in taking her place?" So in the matter of 2 days I went from Accounting Clerk to Staff Accountant of Web Transactions! Probably no need to say I am somewhat exhausted and have hardly begun training... I could definitely use prayers in the transition time, but I wanted to share the exciting news with all of my friends here. I am definitely looking forward to this new opportunity.

So, in honor of the news, the hubby and I decided to go with some of our friends to our favorite restaurant to enjoy our favorite meal. I have to say that this is probably our favorite restaurant entree we have experienced to-date, and it gives us joy just thinking about it =). Yard House's Chicken Enchilada Stack...

A couple of pics...

My friend recommended the Chicken Tortilla soup, and we thought it would make a beautiful addition to our meal. It definitely didn't disappoint.