Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Weekend of Sports

This past weekend, we got together with some friends so the guys could watch the 49ers football game and the girls could do a little baking and crafting! That's my type of efficiency and time well spent...


You can tell who the serious 49ers fans are...

I wish I had more pictures of the crafting. Basically we bought chalkboard paint and went to Goodwill to pick out frames to make chalkboards! I liked how we could each pick out the style and size of our frames because of all of the options - plus they were pretty reasonably priced. I will try to post pics when I am finished with mine =)

Last night, my husband was "in the mood to shoot some hoops", so I accompanied him to a local school so that he could get some energy out and I could take a few pictures. Even though it was freezing outside, it felt nice to be out in fresh air since I had been inside all day.