Saturday, October 6, 2012

[one more dawn, one more day] One Day More

Jess and I are huge Les Miserables fans and so it seemed fitting for us to title this post "One Day More", since that is what we have. One more dawn, and we'll be heading to the airport; one more day, and we'll be on our way; one day more, and...I'll stop.

We are amazed how quickly this time at home has gone, but are thankful for time with family and friends who have been beyond generous in treating us to meals, loving on us, and encouraging us to no end.

These last months have been sweet because we were able to bookend our time with staying with parents - first mine in North Carolina, and these past two weeks at Jess' in So Cal. What a blessing to have parents who are supportive and giving.

While at the G's house we have sifted, tossed, sorted, purged, and selected our possessions down to this: 

...Okay, well we have a little more than this, but not more than half a storage building, and a couple things in a sister's living room, but you get the point.

This has been a time of releasing our grip on earthly treasures, and though I will miss my Dodgers and Lakers, and Jess will miss her sweater and scarf collection, we know there is One who will supply all our needs.

And so we are pumped and ready to go, just one more...well, I know some folks who can say it better...