Monday, October 29, 2012

Our New Home!

We wanted to take some time to share pictures of our new home with you all!

Here is the view of our street from our balcony. Every Monday all day there is a market outside all along our street! It is a nice convenient way to stock up on produce each week! I consider it a blessing. Plus, there is something about hearing people outside making noise and yelling on our street that makes me feel important. (Is that weird? haha). Maybe I will feel differently after a couple of months? The second picture is one of our other balconies (there are three in all) and Ronnie liked this picture, so I included it. The third picture is the view out from the first balcony.

Our bedroom, and stairs downward to the living room, kitchen, etc. 

Our bathroom. They love their tile here! We have made a couple of updates since this picture, so I hope to post new pictures in the near future.

 Here is the view at the bottom of the stairs at our living/dining room. There is a nice big window looking out at the street. I love it!

A lot of the floors here are this wooden chevron pattern. It is nice looking, but I haven't figured out the best way to clean it yet. Also, our front door!

Here is our kitchen. It is pretty nice and has all of the necessities. Also, I believe it has more counter space than we have ever had before! Oh, and we are the dishwashers!

A life saver since we have been here! Fortunately we were able to find Starbucks coffee and are so happy that we brought the french press! =)