Monday, October 22, 2012

The small things

This past Saturday I ordered water successfully.
Why is this blog worthy, you ask?

1. I am living in a new city.
2. That city is in a foreign country.
3. I ordered the water in a language other than my mother tongue.
4. I did this over the phone.
5. I had to order multiple bottles.
6. I had to give them my address and pronounce it correctly so it would actually get here.

But the most important reason I am blogging about this is because we are supposed to celebrate the small things.

As we walk forward on this new adventure, J and I need to remember that His grace is what gets us through the big and small moments alike.

Whether that be shopping for groceries and household items, fixing an issue at the bank, riding public transportation, or getting to a friends house successfully, His grace is sufficient, even if we sound like toddlers. 

We celebrate.