Sunday, February 17, 2013

Girls' Night!

Last night, in honor of Valentine's Day, some girlfriends and I had a GNI (girls' night in). We had invited some local friends, none of which were able to make it, but we were determined to have fun and eat good food anyways. I made sure that I came prepared with my heart socks and heart shirt. I have to brag on the spread, since they put so much time and thought into it...

The meal: Domino's pizza, spinach and artichoke dip, chips, hummus, carrots, fruit salad

The drinks: sodas, hot Russian tea/cider, and sprite with strawberry-lemonade ice cubes

The desserts: fruit pizza (cookie, cool whip, strawberries), cupcakes, and rolo pretzels

The events of the night consisted of a game of Disney Scene-it, fishbowl (using the names of romantic movie titles), and Pride and Prejudice. It was a perfectly girly evening and a great excuse to fill up on chocolate. I am so grateful for my friends here and the good times we create together!