Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What have we been up to recently?

Good question! I am so glad you asked =). Besides working at the community center and language learning, here are some things that we have been up to recently:

Shopping at the market. I wish I could just take some really good pictures of the market, but I feel like it would be awkward and I have even heard it is a little illegal. So I just told Ronnie to take a picture of me in the market - much less awkward, right??

Last week in our advanced English class, we read the first chapter of a book that many of you are probably familiar with. Can you guess what book that was? If you can, I take full credit for the drawings.

Eating really small bananas.

We are trying to start back up exercising/jogging. My heart is loving it. Don't be too impressed by my 3 minute 1/4 miles though, it takes practice. =P

We got our visas! YAY!

We have also played this game (a gift from the Kridners) a few times recently. I (Jessica) have been dominating, possibly by skill, possibly by Ronnie's choice. However, either way I think we all know it is to everyone's advantage this way.

In other news, today we learned our first tongue twister in the local language! Translated it basically means, "Does this yogurt have garlic in it, or does it not have garlic in it?" But you should know it sounds much more interesting and impressive untranslated =).