Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Big 100

This is my 100th blog post! I can't believe it, but I suppose that over the few years that I have had this blog, that actually isn't very much blogging =). I wanted to make it an especially good post, but I was getting nervous from all of the pressure I was putting on myself, so it is just going to be a normal ol' post. Fortunately, it is one with lots and lots of pictures, so enjoy!

Today, we took an adventure to celebrate a friend's birthday! We went to... well I don't know exactly how to describe it except that there were lots of animals - some in cages and some not. It was like half zoo, half petting zoo. And since it was a slightly freezing, dreary day, we and our friends were practically the only ones there. There was a funny little mix of animals, including many random albino ones. Among my favorites were the Saint Bernard puppy chasing us around everywhere, seeing a peacock strut his stuff, two monkeys, baby chicks hiding under a hen, a baby wallabee peeking his head out of his mom's pouch, mountain goats, and a deer family (as well as the camel behind them). Oh and I unfortunately didn't bring my good camera, so all of the pics are iphone pics. I was bummed about this but still very thankful for my phone.

Ready to go!

A peacock by a windmill, and a nice little donkey. I don't know if it was the same one that was begging from us during lunch, but if it was we named him Methuselah.

Our epic breakfast buffet. Look at that spread (mostly cheese)!

Oh you know, just turkeys and monkeys. 

 Had to make sure we got in some of the pics. I am with yaks, and Ron with an ostrich. 
(He was afraid to get too close, but so was I)

This pig pen gave me a whole new perspective to the Prodigal Son story... no thank you! 

Swan lake - literally. Also, the cutest couple of young cows that wouldn't let me touch them =(. 

We got pretty muddy. 

My all-time favorite! The wallabee in the back had a baby in that pouch, and I got a glimpse of him sticking his little head out! Oh and that is an albino wallabee...

We attempted to play volleyball on this "sand court", which was really a mud-pit!

Llamas! This is for you Mom!

We ended the day with a bbq lunch which we did ourselves (so fun!), and a diet coke or "coke light" for me of course. It was a big square picnic table with a bbq in the middle of it. So neat, and very practical since we were kind of freezing outside!