Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Spatula, or Turner?

My parents have a long-running debate about what this particular thing is called (the third item):

 My mom, like most people, calls it a spatula. My dad however insists that it is a turner, because how else would you differentiate it from those rubber things that you scrape cake batter out of bowls with? I recalled this issue in English class on Tuesday night as we were teaching the ladies the names of kitchen things. (Side-note: There are so many types of things and so many names, sometimes it is hard to remember them all! It is definitely a team effort getting all of the right names matched with the correct items.) This is often how our table looks during English class. Sometimes it is full of animal toys, fruit and vegetable toys, pictures of emotions, etc. This day it was full of kitchen stuff.

We happened upon the metal spatula in the middle, and I comically told everyone (including the Americans) how my dad calls it a turner. They had never heard of such a thing and thought it was funny. Seeing the logic in his reasoning, I determined to look it up right then. I happened upon the first picture above on the Calphalon website, and accompanying it was the following description: 

As "pasta fork" was one of the other items in question, I was able to kill two birds with one stone and feel pretty good about my random knowledge of misc kitchen items! In conclusion, I may not stop calling turners spatulas, but at the very least I will no longer give my dad a hard time for categorizing it correctly. You do have to wonder though, how did he even know that? I suppose that given the few things that he knows how to cook (pancakes, eggs, grilled meat, and quesadillas) it is probably his general instrument of choice, and maybe somewhere along the line he learned from another correctly informed person. Anyway, good job Dad. Keep up the good cooking.