Saturday, March 16, 2013


Here are a few things that we have found interesting about life here. 

The farmers market that happens on our street every Monday - rain, snow, or shine. While I am pretty bothered by how inefficient the whole process is, I am SO glad that they do it! I definitely count on getting my fruits and veggies here every week!

Most electrical outlets are located in the center of the wall like this. I don't like assuming that something is a stupid idea, but sometimes I wonder when, if ever, this is a practical thing. Also, doors for every room. At first I thought this would be a bother, but it has really been a life-saver for the cold winter months when we didn't want to heat the whole apartment!

Shoes outside of your apartment. Normally, we don't follow this completely; we just take off our shoes right inside and put them in a little cupboard. However, there is something about this sight (outside of our neighbor's door) that just makes me happy. Looks like someone's having a party! This has been somewhat of an adjustment for me, because normally I am a wear-shoes-all-of-the-time person, but it is nice walking around our apartment in socks or slippers all of the time; much more comfy.

I took these on a stroll around our neighborhood. 1. We are so cool here that, if I wanted to, I could buy a "One Direction" bag. 2. There are pigeons EVERYWHERE! It is so Mary Poppins here. 

They pickle everything here. Fortunately, buying or eating this stuff is usually optional, but man I never knew how many things could be pickled!

One day during language class we were interrupted by some noisiness on our street. We peaked out of the window to see them demolishing an apartment building right down the street! It was kind of cool to watch.