Saturday, March 23, 2013


Almost every morning, I have the following for breakfast: 2 or 3 types of fruit (apple, pear, banana, strawberries, raisins, etc.), topped with 3 dollops of plain yogurt (I have really grown fond of this here), and this delicious (and probably unhealthy) granola that I have found in our supermarkets. This particular flavor of granola has pieces of milk and dark chocolate in it. So good!!! I am getting hungry thinking about it. Anyways it is delicious and I am definitely spoiled, although I am trying to lay off a bit on the granola. 

Ronnie has enhanced his daily breakfast from one egg to sometimes having some extra vegetables, toast, etc. Maybe that is why he is so skinny? It doesn't matter I can't give up my fruit!

Just because this is cooking-related, I tried to make brownies the other day. Because I was going to be making these for some local friends whose house we were going to be guests at, I wanted them to turn out pretty. The mix said that I could make brownie cookies instead of the normal pan kind that doesn't cut well. They didn't turn out so well, basically a giant flat brownie tortilla that was stuck to the pan. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the disaster. However, I was so determined to not waste the mix that somehow - amazingly - I was able to use a knife, a spatula, and a heart-shaped cookie cutter to turn them into decent-looking heart-shaped cookies. It definitely wasn't the easy way to do it, but I am glad they didn't go to waste!