Saturday, March 23, 2013

In Our City...

Sometimes blind people get driven around to stop and play music on different streets. I guess you are supposed to hear the music, run downstairs, and donate some money. I really respect these guys.

I have talked about our market before. I really love it and we stock up on fruits and veggies every week! You can find almost everything there: produce, dairy, fish, clothes, accessories, household goods, furniture... and these types of booths just repeat over and over for blocks.

It has been raining quite a bit recently. It seems like it is starting to warm up, so I think in the next few weeks the rain should be gradually subsiding.

Multiple times a week, a man walks up our street yelling. He is like our city's ice cream truck, but he is selling a sesame seed bagel thing. They are delicious! Sometimes, for instances such as this, people have buckets that they lower out of their window by a string to pay for and retrieve the bagel. I am really tempted to do this and haven't gotten around to it. I think it would be a little too dangerous for our health =).

We went to a cool historical place with pillars, water, cool lighting, and a giant Medusa head!

I think I have mentioned that there are cats everywhere. Even though cats are not my favorite, I like to take pictures of them. I love when I see a pregnant cat. The only thing better would be to see a cat with a bunch of baby kittens!

This is how Ronnie fits in the minibuses... bless his soul.

I can buy fake Burberry scarves in almost any color I want! I love this one. I have also found a place where I can get boba - unfortunately they didn't have the milk tea flavor, but this vanilla drink was decent.