Saturday, March 16, 2013

Winner! Winner! Chicken... liver?

The other day, as part of a language activity, we went with our language teacher to the butcher! He had told us a couple of days before that one of his favorite things to eat is chicken liver that he makes a special way, and he offered to make it for us. I was completely excited about trying something new, and thought it was a perfect opportunity for a language exercise! We went to the butcher, ordered 1 packet of chicken liver, and brought it back to the house. I was surprised to discover that chicken liver also came with hearts and kidneys (I think). I had to play with the hearts a little bit, they were so awesome.

He cut off all of the fat, and fried it all up with oil, salt and pepper, oregano, and tomato paste. I made some rice to go along with the meat. It really turned out well! I love trying new things!

In other news, Ronnie has been practicing driving here recently. It already is crazy scary to drive here, but he is successfully doing it while learning stick at the same time! I am so proud =). Also, the picture to the right was a random playing-with-hair train that happened on Wednesday during our cooking class. It is of my friend and two sweet girls that come to the community center often. I heartily jumped in on the action for a few minutes of much needed stress relief.