Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall loves...

Here are a few things I have already fallen in love with this fall season, but I am currently resisting the urge to buy, per my October goal (you don't know how difficult this is...)

1. Leather jacket from Target. This one fits the best I have ever tried and I love all of the detailed aspects about it.

2. These boots from Forever 21. I am a sucker for boots, but I have large ankles so sometimes it is difficult to find ones that I can even get on. These were so beautiful and actually fit and were comfortable. I will try to survive on my imagination for the time being though. (The ones I REALLY liked were slightly different than these, but they didn't have a picture online and these were my second choice)

3. This skirt from Target. It's so classy yet still so comfy fall-esque. Loving it. (especially with the tights)

4. These shoes from Payless. I have been needing new work shoes for a while, and this was love at first sight. However, I know I can live with what I already have...

5. This lined jacket from Kohls for Ronnie... He has a coat very similar to this in a lighter color, and it looks SO good on him. Plus, it is extra warm so it would be a good one for him to let me wear when I am cold!