Monday, November 1, 2010

~ Neverland ~

For Halloween this year, we decided to be...

In case you can't tell... we are not Robin Hood and Maid Marion. We were trying to be Peter Pan and Wendy. I have recently realized there isn't much difference (when you are trying to look like the Disney cartoon version). Here are some of the fun pictures we took:

I suppose I could spend some time explaining some details regarding our costumes:

Peter Pan: hat is made from felt and a feather from Michaels, shirt is one he bought in Guatemala, shorts were about $4 at Savers (I cut them and attached the remnants to the shirt), the belt is one he wears every day, I spray painted some of my old dance tights green (no I don't dance), a pair of his dress socks and new TOMS (an early birthday present), he borrowed the knife from my black belt sister

Wendy: nightgown from Savers $2 (I cut off a strip from the bottom to tie around the waist), blue ribbon for hair, black flats and nylons I already had, and about 3 gallons of hairspray

Peter Pan looked so handsome. I love that I married an actor =)

I tried to keep up

And some fun detail pics

I love his TOMS. They are so him.

Anyways, this year we dressed up on Friday for the Middle School Costume Party at church, and again on Sunday evening for our small group costume party. More on that later... Overall it was a very fun and exciting Halloween weekend. Have I mentioned I love dressing up?