Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am proud to share with you all the results of my October goals! I believe that I successfully completed 9 out of 10 of them, which I am pretty proud of. Let me give you a little summary:

1. Take a trip to Oak Glen. We squeezed this one in just in the nick of time as we made time to go October 29th. But at least it happened! Our old roommates from college (who married each other) went with us. It was SO beautiful and very chilly as well. We bought some apples for a party but more on that in a bit. Ronnie and I also shared a delicious slice of apple pie and hot cider! Here are a few fun pics from the day.

2. Take a walk. Well.... I am kind of cheating on this one. I am saying it happened because there were a few times that alot of walking happened (like Oak Glen), but it wasn't exactly what I had pictured when making the goal. However, this is one I hope to keep every month just to make sure it happens regularly.

3. Limit my spending on things I don't absolutely need. I am very proud of this one. Lately my budgets have been a little out of control (even things like buying too much food). I was very conscientious about this one last month, and all of my spending was under budget! I am sooo happy and hope I can continue this pattern. Then I will have more money for stuff I really want!

4. Visit a pumpkin patch. To see a longer post about this, go here. We had a nice, short, good time. I love the white pumpkins and Ronnie loves being silly!

5. Plan a Halloween/Costume Party. This turned out to be so fun! The planning was easy because we kept food/decor simple and low-key, but the party was a blast! We all dressed up in couples-inspired costumes, had delicious Papa John's pizza - my favorite!, made carmel apples (this is where the Oak Glen apples came into the picture), played a rousing game of Catch Phrase, and handed out candy and "Jesus' love is so sweet" cards to trick-or-treaters! I will definitely have to share a post later about this. For now, here is a not-so-good group picture to keep you interested.

6. Make a pumpkin-inspired desert. You can see a post on this one here. I decided to make pumpkin muffins which turned out to be so easy. I just mixed spice cake mix with canned pumpkin and played around with cream cheese icing and voila!

7. Take a satisfactory picture of Ronnie and me. With the trips to the pumpkin patch and Oak Glen, I think I was able to get some pretty good ones (although I don't think they top the wedding pics for Christmas!). Here are a couple:

And for some reason I really like this one too:

8. Crochet at least one scarf. Check. This was one of the first ones I finished, which means it was probably the most convenient and also one I wanted to do the most. I actually was able to make 2 cowl-style scarves that I really like. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the completed products but I will try to get to that soon to post them. I had also mentioned something about wanting to start on the Christmas stockings I wanted to make, and I am excited to say that I am almost done with them! I can't wait to post pics of them I think they are going to turn out really cute. I guess the whole crocheting thing is something I really like to do.

9. Memorize the verses Psalm 19:1-4 and Psalm 65:9-13 about God's beautiful creation. Done! The verses were longer than they looked like, but after much practicing I did it!

10. Plant a spring flower. This is the one that I didn't find time to do. Oh well, life goes on. However, I am going to still try to complete this goal within the month of November.

In the end, I learned alot about making goals. Ten goals didn't seem like alot to try to accomplish within a month, but it turned out to be very challenging (even 10 things I wanted to do). However, it definitely helped me be more intentional and productive in getting things done with the time I had; it also helped me have things to talk about on here! I think I am going to try to come up with a few for the month of November and that should keep me occupied for a while.