Wednesday, November 10, 2010

November Goals

My goals for this month are going to be as follows:

1. Make at least one (hopefully more) home-cooked meal from a cookbook. Yes, I know I am sad, but I have to be realistic people! I am currently browsing and thoroughly enjoying this classic:

2. Have a great Thanksgiving with my husband and my families! This year we are all celebrating together for the first time since we will not be joining our own extended families. It is going to be the best. ever.

3. Make enough money at the "Joy to the World" boutique to cover expenses so that we can donate all of the remaining proceeds to Nathan and Shannon. They are in the final stages of raising support to begin missions work in Hong Kong. They have an almost-2-year-old son who will be joining in their journeys. While there, they will be training Asian pastors and leaders about the Bible and how to preach to the lost people in their country. They are going through an organization called S.A.L.T. (Systematic Asian Leadership Training). I am so excited to see the work they will be doing helping bring Jesus to the world! Here is a little flier about our donation.

Speaking of the boutique, I am SO excited about some of the stuff we will be having. I hope that alot of people like me come, because I tried to put together things that I love and would buy myself as a gauge for what might realistically sell. In the end, it is definitely a trial. However, I would be thrilled if everything sold - especially for the Cliftons' sake! So... if you feel like doing a good deed, are full of Christmas spirit, and want to be a small part of helping further God's Kingdom, come buy something (even if you don't like it =P).

4. Don't forget about Do something very special for my husband's first-birthday-since-we-have-been-married. I am praying that my stress/emotions/money worries don't get in the way of love, generosity, and having an awesome time. By the way, I already did buy him a sweet pair of TOMS (for his birthday-see Neverland), but I should still think of something special to add to celebrate the day.

Oh yeah and also our 6-month married anniversary as well as our 4-year dating anniversary is on Nov 22, so we will have to make that special too! Yay for making things special - especially when it involves food.

5. Memorize this verse (I think it's always good to throw in a scripture memory):

Let all who seek Thee rejoice and be glad in Thee;
And let those who love Thy salvation say continually, "Let God be magnified." Psalm 70:4

I am going to keep it at 5 this month. There are tons of things I want to accomplish, but I will keep these 5 official things and rejoice in the potential of unofficially adding to the list! Here we go...