Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Yesterday was my husband and my six-month-iversary. It was also our 4-year anniversary since we officially began to date, but he says that that doesn't count anymore. I think I am going to keep track anyways =). Here is a little of what happened...

I went to work like normal, but when I got there there were a couple things in front of the door! Ronnie had dropped by before I got there (and he said he went to the prayer meeting!) and brought a chai tea latte (my favorite!) and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

After I got home from work, we rushed off to have dinner at El Cholo. It was so delicious! I ordered blue corn chicken enchiladas, and he ordered beef fajitas. Mine was better. =)

Then we went to Birch Street to walk our tummies off and get a yummy "Joy" tea from Starbucks. (Yes, I had it twice in one day, but this was tea so it was way different) Of course, we had to play with the reindeer a bit...


Then, we scurried on home to decorate for Christmas!!! He knew I was so anxious and a little stressed because our fall decor was already half torn-down and the already-bought Christmas stuff was starting to take up alot of space in our little apartment. So, he set the mood by turning on KOST, and "we" decorated for the rest of the evening (he set up the tree). It was fun for about the first 15 minutes, but it quickly became a frustrating, not-so-fun endeavor because of little things not turning out how I had planned. I should have stopped while I was ahead, but I am the kind of person that can't stop a project until I am completely done... Anyways, in the end, I was relieved to finish, and I am pretty happy with the results of our first Christmas decor, though I am sure it will morph over the next month. We decided to try to make that day (Nov 22) our annual Christmas-decorating day because, come on, you just can't plan to do anything else on Black Friday except shop and sleep, and it should definitely be done as soon as possible. I am finally ready for the holidays to begin in our cozy, Christmasy little home.

Have you decorated yet? Have you thought about how you might want to decorate this year?